© Richard Daniel Cohen

The Official Music Video for the song "Drift" by STYGIAN STRIDE

Starring: Farzad Owrang, Dominick Leon DeFelippo, and Pepper Mile
Directed/Cinematography by: Richard Daniel Cohen
Produced by: Richard Daniel Cohen and Jimy SeiTang for Thrill Jockey Records
Gaffer: Neil Meschino
Edited by: Anney Bonney and Richard Daniel Cohen
Art Director: Giancarlo Colaianni
Wardrobe/Stylist: Sarah McGovern
Color Grading and Conform/VFX: John Mattiuzzi
Scenic Carpenter: Vena Orisek
Production Assistants: Laura Charette, Christopher London, Robert Skadal

Thank you to all who helped make this video possible: Alan and Marianne Cohen, David Cohen, Kathy England and Laura Jean Volpe at Taylor & Taylor Associates, The City of New York, Doug Roberts and Diane Nieves at The New York City Economic Development Corporation, Sal, Antonia, Carmine, Joey Lopez, Stretch, and Everyone at Janton Design Core, Andrew Bunch, David Title, CSI Rentals, Ibikunle Okeowo, Jerry BOP, Fat Tony, Lindsay Lee, Build It Green, and Bob McCown and Orhan Bulut at Fink Safe & Lock Company